Planting Spring Intentions

  ~The Gift~ Lift one foot.  Surrender Place the other.  Claim Step by step life unfolds behind me The future beckons me forward The path wasn’t clear until I chose it. It will be gone once I have passed. The gift is neither ahead nor behind. The gift is in this choice to surrender and claim This choice to create my life one step at a time. The gift is right here where I am.   Happy Spring everyone!   What a difference the rain makes!! Here in Northern California we are experiencing a robust Spring for the first time in years. The rivers are full, the reservoirs are filling and there is a healthy snow pack. While it’s not enough to end the drought, it sure does help. I can almost hear the land’s huge sigh of relief. Surely, the gift is right here in this moment!   The Spring (or Vernal) Equinox, which we celebrated earlier this week, is a time of exquisite balance. The world stands poised evenly between dark and light. It’s almost like the earth has taken one big winter inhale and is suspended in that briefest of moments before it exhales into spring and summer. For me, the poem I shared above also describes a place of exquisite balance – the one between what was and what is coming to be. Between the inhale and the exhale. Between this step and the next. (If you’d like to sit quietly and simply receive the poem, you can listen to the audio version below)   As we move into Spring, what are you ready to surrender?...

Living in the Glow

Welcome to Living in the GLOW!!  As I write this inaugural post I am filled with gratitude for whatever it is that brought you here. You are why I write.   Living in the Glow was born of a deep desire to support those who hear the whisper of their own dreams, who seek a deeper, more fulfilling experience of life. Those who sense that there is something more to learn, more to experience, more to be.  Those who long to create a life that reflects their own heart’s desires.  To be the human beings they came here to be. If this describes you – or if you are simply drawn to consider these ideas – then you’ve come to the right place!   Carlos Santana says there are two kinds of people in the world: artists and con-artists!  Since I’m not a con-artist and doubt you are either, I guess that means we are ALL artists – of one sort or another.  Maybe your medium is gardening, maybe it’s ideas.  Maybe you are helping to create a generation of compassionate beings or helping others heal the wounds that often come with living.  Whatever is on your palette, your life is your canvas.  How cool is that?!!!   In painting there is a concept called the “glow”. The Glow is the place between layers on the canvas. When we leave part of a previous layer visible, that space– the Glow– adds depth and movement to the painting. While it may be only a small piece of the whole, it helps bring the painting alive.   In life as in painting,...

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