The bathroom is your friend!

  One of the common mistakes so many of us make is not taking a break when we need to. We try to “power through” Which usually only makes things worse. Especially in high stakes situations, continuing an encounter without your composure can lead to mistakes, missteps and mischief. This is why I tell my clients: “When you are losing or have lost your composure GO TO THE BATHROOM” As an in-house lawyer, clients could approach me just about anywhere. In the hallway. The elevator. The lunch line. Over time I realized that the bathroom stall was the ONLY place I could go where no one could engage me in conversation – most of the time at least lol. The toilet was the place where I could take time. To think By myself. No one was outside tapping their foot, eying their watch and waiting for me to emerge. I could cry or shake my fist at heaven At my colleagues Or the powers that be I could breathe. Ground. And center. Re-establish my confidence. Re-connect with my inner strength. Re-build my internal boundaries. I could even develop a plan if needed. That’s why I say that sitting on the toilet is a blessing. So the next time you feel yourself losing it – no pun intended 😉 Take a break. Go to the bathroom…it will serve you well in so many ways!   With...

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