Intentional Creativity Classes

I am passionate about the catalytic power of creativity to help us transform our lives.

As we engage our creative muscles, we practice being both vulnerable and courageous.

In all of my classes I hold space for us to be afraid and to jump anyway.  No artistic experience needed – really.

As a licensed practitioner with the Centers for Spiritual Living, I can present any of these classes  – as well as many others – in a manner that supports already existing CSL curriculum.  Contact me to learn how I can support your ongoing educational programs.

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 Lotus Wisdom

A powerful workshop in which we gently explore the inner muddy pond where our wounds and hurts live, wash it with compassion and uncover the wisdom and beauty rooted there.  This is my signature offering and can be customized for any group, purpose or length of time.



lotusbuttonWisdom Cards

Release Your Big Fat Lies & Awaken Your Wisdom. This is a simple and powerful creative process devoted to reframing the limiting beliefs– the big fat lies–that often hold us back from creating the life we want. Participants create their own deck of Wisdom Cards (a sort of affirmation card) to support their efforts to view life through a more positive, life-affirming lens.



Visionary Prayer Flags lotusbutton

This workshop can be adapted to almost any theme or purpose.  Participants have fun using all the texture toys I provide to create their own set of Prayer Flags that reflect whatever the theme is.  They can create flags that embody the group’s vision and mission, flags that embody their own dreams or flags that speak of peace and healing.  Whatever the theme, the flags are colorful and joyful and everyone leaves with something special to remind them of their experience.



Peace Pause lotusbutton

A Japanese proverb reminds us that “the wind howls but the mountain remains still.” In this workshop, we step out of chronos (clock) time and into kairos or spirit time. Together we take a PEACE PAUSE.  Through a simple art process we experience the stillness of the mountain, acknowledge the hurly-burly of life, and remember how to bring ourselves home to peace again.  Participants leave with a lovely piece of art to remind them of all they know and all they learned through this healing process.  This is a perfect respite for all, especially those in the healing professions.




Private Sessions 

Working with me 1:1 using intentional creativity to support your personal growth is a powerful experience.  Whether you want to learn the Color of Woman method developed by Shiloh Sophia McCloud, or explore the healing power of intentional creativity, personal sessions are transformational and create immediate results.  As one of my students put it “Lucky me! I get our divine priestess’ undivided attention!”


If you are interested in taking or offering an Intentional Creativity workshop, please contact me.

 Tina’s Lotus Wisdom is a powerful tool for transformation…It truly allowed the creative potential to come, bringing the unconscious and unprocessed pain up and out and transforming it into such deep beauty, wisdom and healing for the participants. Everyone received so much and the energy in the room was so powerful and charged. Thank you for creating such a creative and powerfully transformative tool.

–Sahar Joya

“Tina’s gift of allowing creativity to emerge from each of us is remarkable. I plumbed the depths of my heart and soul, and whoops, they emerged on a piece of paper. Almost to my surprise. The process was graceful and easy; the results were amazing.”

–Kate Munger, Founder of the Threshold Choir (Peace Pause Workshop)

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