When you get, give. When you learn, teach.

--Maya Angelou


Tina Greene’s mission is to help you discover your own voice and unlock the wisdom of your own heart so that you can live the life you long for, the life you came here to live. She is a life coach, inspirational speaker, licensed spiritual practitioner, certified Intentional Creativity® teacher and former nationally-recognized health care business lawyer.

Beginning at an early age, Tina lived through significant life challenges, including sibling incest, multiple rapes, chronic health challenges and a unhealthy marriage that she finally left in 1994. In 2011 she experienced a life-changing head injury and completely re-imagine how to live her life.

Instead of being a victim, Tina has consistently chosen to use life as a learning lab for her personal and spiritual growth, always guided by the compass of her own heart. These choices helped her become the joy-filled, hope-inspiring, open-hearted woman she is today.

Whatever your story or wherever you are on your path, Tina guides you to trust your own wisdom so that you can remember these essential truths:

If you’re breathing, you’re worthy. If you’re here, you belong.
Your presence matters.


“Tina is a woman of great wisdom who is always willing to share what she has learned.”

–Renee Campbell Garner, M.S., CCC-SLP


“Tina’s ability to hold space, to hold the container, is exquisite. She is so patient and she sticks with us. I could not do this without her.”

–B.W. Rose, LCSW


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