You are Enough



Do you feel like there must BE MORE to LIFE than this?

Are you ready for a change but anxious about the next steps?

Are you dealing with a major life challenge and need extra support?

Are you longing for a new sound track to replace that worn-out “I am NOT ENOUGH”?




As a teacher, coach and inspirational speaker, my mission is to help people heal from the inside out so that each one remembers this truth: If you are breathing, you are worthy. If you are here, you belong.  Each of us is always enough.  More than enough.  Your voice and your wisdom matter.  Isn’t it time to live the life you came here to live?


Let’s work – and play – together…

Inspirational Speaking

I am a dynamic speaker who inspires the listeners to take action. Speaking from my heart and my own life experience, I reframe common problems and share practical tools to help all of us live the lives we came here to live.

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Personal Coaching

Are you ready to answer the call of YOUR life? To access your own unique wisdom and really LIVE your dreams?  With practical tools, real life strategies and your own cheerleader (Me!), you CAN create the life you want, starting right here with the life you have.

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Creativity Classes

Creativity has the power to transform lives. It supports our efforts to heal the broken places, find our voices, build community and enJOY living life even as we do our work. Intentional Creativity is available to EVERYONE, artist and non-artist alike.


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“If you are fortunate enough to hear Tina Greene speak, you are in for a treat. Drawing upon her own life story, she guides her audiences on a journey into our very souls. At once intuitive and incisive, Tina passionately tailors her talks to just what it is we need to hear, that we may walk away with changed minds and hearts, enlightened and inspired. She calls it “Tina Greene Wisdom”; I call it Tina Greene Wonderful.”

–Sue Wilson, Emmy Award Winning Producer, Wilco Productions.


“Tina Greene is the ever the courageous warrior of truth, justice and integrity! She continues to inspire me and so many others. She touches the lives of so many, speaking to our hearts and empowering us to find our strength, resilience and innate value. Her honest and forthright sharing of her life, and her traumas, helps so many do the same.”

–Shelli B. W. Rose

“Tina Greene, you are such a loving compass that helps me find and follow the truth of the light of my own heart even when I can’t see it.”


And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

--Anais Nin

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