The bathroom is your friend!


One of the common mistakes so many of us make is not taking
a break when we need to.

We try to “power through”
Which usually only makes things worse.

Especially in high stakes situations,
continuing an encounter without your composure
can lead to mistakes, missteps and mischief.

This is why I tell my clients:
“When you are losing or have lost your composure
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My Summer Romance

Trust Your Heart
It Will Never Steer You Wrong


I hope this finds you enjoying the fullness of summer, the lazy days filled with endless sunshine, family fun and the more relaxed pace that seems to take over even the busiest of lives at this time of year.

I’ve been starting and ending my days in the beautiful clear blue water of my pool. I am blessed to be able to walk out my bedroom door and into the pool in the bathing suit god gave me lol. I love it.

I’m a water bug at heart. And this summer my daily swims have taken on new meaning. It’s almost like wiping the slate clean twice a day. I dive in and give all my attention to the feeling of gliding easily and effortlessly through the water. I emerge feeling refreshed and renewed.  read more…

News Flash


Dear Ones:

This is a public service announcement:

You Are Enough. Exactly as you are right here and right now.
There is nothing broken about you. Nothing to fix.
That’s just a story we tell ourselves.
It helps explain why things don’t always go the way we want. read more…

What Questions are you asking?

Dear one,

Asking questions is like switching on our creativity and allowing ourselves to become explorers. It shifts how our brains function. That’s why two of the most powerful words I use are “What if….?”

Some people ask that question from the perspective of a victim, not a creative. In that case, it seems to me they are really saying “if only…” read more…

Time to Jump Scared!

I am thrilled – and quaking in my boots lol – to share my latest venture with you.  While I have been trying for weeks to find the right words, after watching the way all the women spoke out during the Golden Globes, I knew it was time! No more excuses. No more allowing fear to stop me. Time to JUMP SCARED!

The venture is called EMERGENCE. It’s a 9-month journey of awakening and empowerment for heart-centered women who are ready to unlock the wisdom of their own hearts and begin living the life they long for.

If you are in transition – navigating divorce, job loss, empty nest or other major life event – this program will help you find the answers you need. You have them. They are inside your own heart. The key is to learn how to listen and trust your intuition so you can speak your truth.

“Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we have.”

Oprah nailed it during her Golden Globes speech. Speaking our truth is THE most powerful tool we have. But for many of us, especially those who have survived sexual assault and other forms of emotional or physical abuse, it can be impossibly scary to do.

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Happy Holiday Tips #2

As you likely know by now, my mission is to help us all learn how to listen, speak and act from the wisdom of our own hearts. 

Since life constantly reminds me that speaking my truth is often easier said than done, I’ve accepted that this approach is a lifelong PRACTICE.  

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found that speaking my truth is often hardest when I am surrounded by family (go figure). And since this is the season for family, I am getting lots of practice. 

Most recently I’ve been struggling with how to speak my truth when it’s socially awkward or risky to do so. Don’t get me wrong here. If someone harasses or assaults me, my days of remaining silent are long gone. What I’m talking about here are the lesser “evils” that we all have dealt with at some point.  

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My Little Blue Pill – Guide to Holiday Happiness!

Last night I lost my sleeping pill. Somewhere between the family room and the kitchen, it fell off my tray and disappeared.

A tiny little pill. With powerful results.
Two very curious kittens. Potentially lethal results.

Unlike prior times, I didn’t start beating myself up for not noticing when that little thing went missing. I didn’t curse myself for changing my routine and placing my pills on the tray instead of in my hand.

Instead, I got to work to find it.

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Are you breathing?

Are you breathing?

It’s actually a serious question.

Breathing involves both inhale and exhale. Living life involves receiving and giving. Taking in and releasing. Breathing in and breathing out.

For so many of us though, it feels like we forget to exhale. We forget to let things go that no longer serve us – like the stale oxygen we release when we exhale.

Nature abhors a vacuum. So if you are seeking something new and different in your life, I invite you to ask yourself : “What no longer serves me that I am ready to exhale? What am I ready to release?”

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Curiosity and the Sacred No

Hello Beautiful Being!

First of all, I want to welcome all the new people who have recently joined this growing community. Whether you came as a result of MOJO or because Amy Ahlers shared my LOTUS Wisdom ebook with you or because you saw one of my posts on Facebook, it warms my heart to have you here and I’m grateful that you said YES when you did.

It has finally stopped raining here in Northern California and I feel myself slowly emerging from the cocoon I retreat to during the quiet dark of winter.

As many of you know, after almost two years without another beating heart in my house, I brought two kittens home in late October. Having sisters Ginger and Molly around this winter has been a joy. They make me laugh out loud as they go crazy chasing their own tails (and each others), swatting at their own reflections in the mirror and playing soccer with anything they can find!

Most of all, though, I love watching how curious kittens are about everything. From the washing machine to the toilet to the rain falling outside, they check out everything. The other day Molly (the one in the photo) even crawled inside the dishwasher!

What if… we got curious the way young children and kittens do?

What if… instead of reacting to our feelings, we got curious instead?

What if… we followed the “why” thread to the source of our feelings and then RESPONDED to the situation instead of reacting?

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You Are Unique

As many of you already know, I became a grandmother for the first time in December when my son’s fiancé gave birth to Allie Michelle. I spent the Christmas holiday cocooned in newborn love and wonder with the three of them in Washington state. It was the best Christmas present ever!


Outside, the world was still spinning, but inside, there was only the baby and this deep sense of gratitude and awe. Gratitude that mom and baby are healthy, that dad has time off of work to enjoy his first-born, that Grandma from California could be there to experience the joy. Gratitude that for the first time in years, my son and I were together without a single fight. 


Being in the presence of a newborn is awe-inspiring. Here is this little human being who until recently was safely ensconced in her mama’s womb.  


Everything about her is perfect. Tiny fingers with perfectly formed fingernails. Tiny little mouth, eyes, ears, nose. Working heart and lungs and the ability to communicate without words.  

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