My Summer Romance

Trust Your Heart It Will Never Steer You Wrong   I hope this finds you enjoying the fullness of summer, the lazy days filled with endless sunshine, family fun and the more relaxed pace that seems to take over even the busiest of lives at this time of year. I’ve been starting and ending my days in the beautiful clear blue water of my pool. I am blessed to be able to walk out my bedroom door and into the pool in the bathing suit god gave me lol. I love it. I’m a water bug at heart. And this summer my daily swims have taken on new meaning. It’s almost like wiping the slate clean twice a day. I dive in and give all my attention to the feeling of gliding easily and effortlessly through the water. I emerge feeling refreshed and renewed.  This practice of centering myself twice a day is helping me avoid getting pulled totally off kilter by everything that’s happening in the world right now. The crazier things get, the more I need the water. It’s become as effective as meditating. How are you staying present in your life these days? It’s not always easy to do, is it? Even without the heartache and trauma of our world right now, it takes constant practice to remain present to your own experience. And that’s what you need to do, if you’re going to create the life that calls to you from the depths of your own heart. I get it that staying present to your own experience can often be painful or even scary. This is especially true when you’re not living in alignment...

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