Standing in the Circle of Love

  Are you scared of love? I am. I’m scared of being vulnerable, scared to ask for what I need (much less what I want), scared of being rejected or found unworthy. I suspect that most of us feel this way more often than we admit. I also suspect that most of us have learned to be scared and love anyway.   Being scared and doing it anyway is the definition of courage. When we are sick or hurt or struggling, it can be especially hard to RECEIVE all the love that comes our way even though it’s what we need the most. So I wrote a song about standing in the center of the circle of love for a dear friend who had just been diagnosed with non-smoker’s lung cancer and was blown away by all the love and support coming her way. I wanted to remind her that she was doing a remarkable job receiving and to encourage her to keep going. Little did I know that it would do the same for me. Last Tuesday I was in another car accident. I’m ok, tho pretty battered and bruised, mostly from the airbag, which did its job really well – that’s the good news and the bad news. Being on the receiving end of an airbag when it deploys is like being on the wrong end of a battering ram. Way better than the alternative though, that’s for sure! So I’ve had lots of opportunities in the last week to stand in the center of my own love circle and exercise my own courage muscles. I’ve received incredible...

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