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  Dear Ones: This is a public service announcement: You Are Enough. Exactly as you are right here and right now. There is nothing broken about you. Nothing to fix. That’s just a story we tell ourselves. It helps explain why things don’t always go the way we want. You Belong. Because you’re here. It’s no more complicated than that. Belonging is not about what you do or which group you are part of. We don’t question whether a tree or a hummingbird belongs. We accept their presence as a gift of life. You are a gift of life. So is your presence. Belonging is an inside job. It’s about allowing ourselves to be enough and to take up space. Belonging is a choice  one that we make over and over again. A choice to claim your place in the great circle of life to step into your own sovereignty as the whole and worthy being you are. I recently gave a Sac Soul Talk about my own journey to belonging. Straight from my heart to yours, this is a short, honest conversation about belonging and the dark night of the soul I traveled through following the head injury I sustained in 2011. You can watch it here: The Power of Choice Remembering the truth of who we are is a practice. How do you practice remembering the truth of who you are? Let’s share our ReSources. Leave a comment below....

What Questions are you asking?

Dear one, Asking questions is like switching on our creativity and allowing ourselves to become explorers. It shifts how our brains function. That’s why two of the most powerful words I use are “What if….?” Some people ask that question from the perspective of a victim, not a creative. In that case, it seems to me they are really saying “if only…”These are really different. Which one reflects you today? When we ask “what if?” we are inviting ourselves to IMAGINE something different. The answer doesn’t always come right away or in the way we expect it. So after you ask the question, it’s important to PAY ATTENTION. Sometimes the answer comes in nature, or in a passing comment. Sometimes it comes like a bolt of lighting and suddenly you simply know. If we remain open to ALL that life holds, we’re often surprised by what happens. What questions are you asking today? Here are mine: How does it get any better than this? What else is possible? With love,...

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