The Vision Tree





A Shared Vision is critical
to the success of any
project, team or organization. 

The Vision Tree is a powerful, communal art
project through which participants
bring their Shared Vision into form.

It provides a structure for engaging participants.
They create a form that is visually pleasing, memorable and inspiring.

NO artistic experience is needed!!!

Everyone gets to participate.
Everyone has fun.

The Vision Tree can be adapted to any setting and groups of any size.
Spiritual centers, churches, community organizations,
corporations, leadership teams, employee groups
– all of these can benefit from this process. 


Tina shared the Vision Tree at the 2018 Centers for Spiritual Living Convention in Southern California.
Attendees experienced the MAGIC that happens when people bring their vision into form.



Each person was asked to:

Connect with their heart

 Imagine living in a world that works for everyone

 Answer the question that’s at the heart of                                                          Intentional Creativity:


In a world that works for everyone,
what is yours to cause and create?

They placed their answer on a colored leaf
added their leaf to the tree.

The result was stunning!!


Many attendees said that the Vision Tree was the highlight of their convention experience.

Doesn’t this sound wonderful?


Set up an appointment to talk to Tina now!

Tina spent 20+ years as a health care business lawyer working in a large corporation and facilitating
hundreds of team meetings. She understands the challenges that management faces when it comes to
generating “buy-in” to a vision, no matter how large or small. The Vision Tree is designed to
address this challenge in a unique and effective way.

Tina has lots of tricks up her sleeve.
Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious.
She’ll work with you to develop a custom process to meet your needs.

So if you have an upcoming management symposium, Board retreat or time set aside
for team building, consider mixing it up and bringing in Intentional Creativity. 

Take advantage of a FREE consultation call to meet Tina and learn how
she might support you and your vision!

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You won’t regret it!



Tina is a licensed spiritual practitioner
who is passionate about worthiness and belonging.
She’s also an Intentional Creativity® teacher
committed to unleashing the power of creativity
to help us heal into wholeness
so we can become fully who we are.
She loves combining these two practices in service to
her clients, students and anyone else who comes into her orbit.


For more about what Tina offers, go here.
If you’re interested in having Tina present a workshop or speak at your center,
contact Liz at

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