You Are Unique

As many of you already know, I became a grandmother for the first time in December when my son’s fiancé gave birth to Allie Michelle. I spent the Christmas holiday cocooned in newborn love and wonder with the three of them in Washington state. It was the best Christmas present ever!


Outside, the world was still spinning, but inside, there was only the baby and this deep sense of gratitude and awe. Gratitude that mom and baby are healthy, that dad has time off of work to enjoy his first-born, that Grandma from California could be there to experience the joy. Gratitude that for the first time in years, my son and I were together without a single fight. 


Being in the presence of a newborn is awe-inspiring. Here is this little human being who until recently was safely ensconced in her mama’s womb.  


Everything about her is perfect. Tiny fingers with perfectly formed fingernails. Tiny little mouth, eyes, ears, nose. Working heart and lungs and the ability to communicate without words.  

It’s a miracle. This perfection. Yes? YES.  


So what happens when we “grow up?”


Why don’t we see that perfection every time we look in the mirror or at another human being? What happens to our sense of wonder?  


The simple answer is that we forget.   


We forget that each of us is a UNIQUE EXPRESSION of the same creative life force that brings us snowflakes and the leaves on an oak tree. That same life force that we see in nature or a newborn baby. We forget that what makes us unique also makes us perfect. 


So for just a moment, let’s REMEMBER.  


I invite you to pause in this moment and go within.


Breathe yourself into your body. Be. Here. Now.


Bring your awareness to your heart space wherever that is.


Remember a time when you were in awe of a newborn baby or a beautiful sunset.  


Allow yourself to REALLY FEEL what it was like. Let that sense of awe and wonder infuse your being. (If you can’t feel this, PRETEND that you do – it all comes from the same place anyway 😉)


When you really have that feeling, anchor it somewhere in your body. Imagine it as a beautiful balloon that you are tying down deep inside of you.


Then when life gets crazy busy and your inner critics are the only voices you hear, CHOOSE TO REMEMBER.


REMEMBER that like the snowflake and my granddaughter, YOU ARE UNIQUE.


REMEMBER that YOU ARE A GIFT to the world.


REMEMBER that you GET TO CREATE a life that reflects the unique being that you are.






If you need help connecting with your unique self, please go HERE to get your free copy of my ebook, Unlock Your Heart’s Wisdom with LOTUS Wisdom. This simple practice that you can do almost anytime and anywhere will help you hear your own voice and access your own wisdom.  


And then, make 2017 the year you align your life with who you are!


With deep faith in YOU,



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