Time to Jump Scared!

I am thrilled – and quaking in my boots lol – to share my latest venture with you.  While I have been trying for weeks to find the right words, after watching the way all the women spoke out during the Golden Globes, I knew it was time! No more excuses. No more allowing fear to stop me. Time to JUMP SCARED!

The venture is called EMERGENCE. It’s a 9-month journey of awakening and empowerment for heart-centered women who are ready to unlock the wisdom of their own hearts and begin living the life they long for.

If you are in transition – navigating divorce, job loss, empty nest or other major life event – this program will help you find the answers you need. You have them. They are inside your own heart. The key is to learn how to listen and trust your intuition so you can speak your truth.

“Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we have.”

Oprah nailed it during her Golden Globes speech. Speaking our truth is THE most powerful tool we have. But for many of us, especially those who have survived sexual assault and other forms of emotional or physical abuse, it can be impossibly scary to do.

Here’s what I know for sure:

When we find the courage to listen
to the wisdom of our own heart
and speak our own truth,

Twenty-five years ago, I was caught in a marriage that was sucking the life out of me. I knew that something had to change. A survivor of multiple sexual assaults starting at age 11, speaking my truth was not something I knew how to do.

In fact, I didn’t even think I had a truth to speak! I lacked any sense of sovereignty or agency. I had been a victim for so long I didn’t know there was a different way to be.

I will never forget the moment when I said, “ENOUGH is ENOUGH” and chose to step off the well-worn path of expectations I’d been traveling all my life.

Was it frightening? You bet. I’d grown up believing that divorce was a failure of epic proportions and that it was always better to stay together “for the children.”

The idea of becoming a single parent was heart stopping. I was deeply ashamed of being responsible for creating a “broken family.” In my heart though I knew that it was already deeply broken and my choice to leave would help us all to heal. I was still scared to death.

Stepping onto the “road less travelled” is hard enough for people who have never been traumatized. For those of us who have been repeatedly victimized, it’s like jumping off a cliff into dense fog.

My decision to “jump scared” saved my life.

None of us can do life-saving work like this alone. As with raising a child, learning how to stand in your own skin and be the author of your own life is best done with lots of help and support.

That’s why I’ve created EMERGENCE, a 9-month group journey for women who need a safe place to rest, re-fuel, and re-create a sense of agency in their own lives. 

It includes lots of hands-on support, regular teachings, bi-weekly coaching calls and a number of Intentional Creativity-infused opportunities to play even as we learn. AND, a marvelous in-person retreat at the beautiful Divine Flame Studio to celebrate the Summer Solstice and our growing connection.

EMERGENCE is a place to learn how to belong to yourself in a supportive circle of like-hearted women.

If reading this stirs your heart – no matter how small – please contact me so we can talk. Use either of the email addresses below. Trust your intuition. Take the first step. Find out a little more and then decide if this program is a good fit. Also,  if you know someone who might benefit from this program, please share this with them.

And no matter what you choose, please remember these truths:

If you’re breathing, you’re worthy.
If you’re here, you belong.
Your presence matters.


If you’re interested in this powerful 9-month journey, please contact me using one of the email addresses below. I would love to find a time to talk.




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