Planting Spring Intentions

Spring Tulips


~The Gift~

Lift one foot.  Surrender

Place the other.  Claim

Step by step life unfolds behind me

The future beckons me forward

The path wasn’t clear until I chose it.

It will be gone once I have passed.

The gift is neither ahead nor behind.

The gift is in this choice to surrender and claim

This choice to create my life one step at a time.

The gift is right here where I am.


Happy Spring everyone!


What a difference the rain makes!! Here in Northern California we are experiencing a robust Spring for the first time in years. The rivers are full, the reservoirs are filling and there is a healthy snow pack. While it’s not enough to end the drought, it sure does help. I can almost hear the land’s huge sigh of relief. Surely, the gift is right here in this moment!


The Spring (or Vernal) Equinox, which we celebrated earlier this week, is a time of exquisite balance. The world stands poised evenly between dark and light. It’s almost like the earth has taken one big winter inhale and is suspended in that briefest of moments before it exhales into spring and summer.

For me, the poem I shared above also describes a place of exquisite balance – the one between what was and what is coming to be. Between the inhale and the exhale. Between this step and the next. (If you’d like to sit quietly and simply receive the poem, you can listen to the audio version below)


As we move into Spring, what are you ready to surrender? What are you ready to claim? This is a perfect time of year for weeding and planting seeds of new intentions.


What longs to be born in your life this year?


Perhaps take a LOTUS pause and explore these questions. Here’s how it works:


Find a place where you can simply sit. Connect your feet to the earth (even if that’s through the floor lol). Breathe. Then:


Look Within

Open your Heart

Trust your Voice. What is it saying?

Understand the Gifts. What opportunities are present right now?

Speak Your Truth. What longs to be born this year?


What one step are you ready to take towards what you love? Let your own voice be your guide.


Our paths unfold one step at a time. So set your intention and then just start walking:  Remember, 1 step x 365 days= PROGRESS!


What seeds are you planting this Spring? Share in the comments below.  I love hearing from you.


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  1. Lovely post, Tina!

    • I am planting the seed of intention for more creative expression this year. Thank you for this blog Tina!


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