Living in the Glow

Welcomglowlivinge to Living in the GLOW!!  As I write this inaugural post I am filled with gratitude for whatever it is that brought you here. You are why I write.


Living in the Glow was born of a deep desire to support those who hear the whisper of their own dreams, who seek a deeper, more fulfilling experience of life. Those who sense that there is something more to learn, more to experience, more to be.  Those who long to create a life that reflects their own heart’s desires.  To be the human beings they came here to be. If this describes you – or if you are simply drawn to consider these ideas – then you’ve come to the right place!


Carlos Santana says there are two kinds of people in the world: artists and con-artists!  Since I’m not a con-artist and doubt you are either, I guess that means we are ALL artists – of one sort or another.  Maybe your medium is gardening, maybe it’s ideas.  Maybe you are helping to create a generation of compassionate beings or helping others heal the wounds that often come with living.  Whatever is on your palette, your life is your canvas.  How cool is that?!!!


In painting there is a concept called the “glow”. The Glow is the place between layers on the canvas. When we leave part of a previous layer visible, that space– the Glow– adds depth and movement to the painting. While it may be only a small piece of the whole, it helps bring the painting alive.


In life as in painting, the Glow is that place between what was and what is coming to be. The place between past and future. The pause between heartbeats, breaths, steps.  The brief hesitation before a tender kiss.   The Glow is the present moment.


Just as we can only breathe for the moment we are in, we can really only BE in one moment at a time.  To live in the Glow is to live in this moment. To be present to our own experience of life as it is happening. To be present to our own thoughts, desires and needs as they arise. When we live in the present moment, we have the opportunity to choose how to respond instead of simply reacting out of old patterns or habits.  And as we make those choices, we discover the courage to create the life we came here to live.


This is the gift of Living in the Glow.  As we practice being present to the life unfolding before us, listening to our own hearts and speaking our own truths, we begin to create a future – a life –  that is more in sync with who we are and who we came here to be.  And as we do this, we start to glow…literally and figuratively!!!


Living in the Glow is a practice not a destination. It is a choice not a default setting.  If you want to receive support as you create your own life, click HERE and sign up  to receive Living in the Glow in your inbox twice a month. As a thank you gift, you will receive your free Body Gratitude Meditation.  This will help you ground yourself in your own body as you embark upon this creative journey.


Living in the Glow is about self-awareness, self-compassion and self-acceptance. It’s about recognizing the gifts in the present moment– even when they are wrapped in unattractive paper. It’s about understanding who you are, what you want and how you want to experience life.


Creating is a process.  It’s a verb, not a noun.  It’s something we practice moment–by-moment, day-by-day.  And when we bring our intentions to the creative process,  transformation happens.  A new creation emerges. Before you know it, you will be living the life you came here to live.


This is my wish. I want you to experience the JOY that comes from being the artist of your own life. It’s time for you to create the life you’ve always wanted. Starting right here with the life you have.  I am here to help. Are you ready? YES?  Good!  Here’s the first step. Right now, take a nice deep cleansing breath and drop it into your heartspace. Breathe into that place and ask yourself this question:


“What one thing do I want to experience before I die?”


Resist the urge to judge your answer or find reasons why it’s not possible. Instead, just hold it gently. Be aware of how your body responds. What does it FEEL like to imagine actually experiencing what your heart longs for? 


Welcome to the Glow!!


There is so much for us to learn from, and with, each other. Share your experience in the comments below and sign up to receive ongoing support for your creative process. Download your FREE Body Gratitude Meditation and listen to it as often as you like.


Let’s start creating together!  Let the magic begin as we all practice Living in the GLOW!




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