Message from Hawaii….

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Aloha beautiful beings of light.

I am sitting poolside in a beautiful mountain home overlooking the Pacific Ocean on the big island of Hawaii.

Rain patters on the pool. A warm breeze blows gently through my hair.

A multitude of birds are singing their unique songs and enjoying a morning bird bath. (I wonder if birds call what I did earlier this morning a human bath?! lol).

I am overflowing with gratitude for everything that has happened these last many years that have brought me to this place.

Hard to believe that I am working.

Yes, you read that right. I am working.

“How could that be?” you say.

Well, that’s why I am feeling so blessed.

For years I spent my life striving and living on the endless wheel of other people’s needs and expectations.

I was successful.  I made good money. I owned my own home. Provided for my family.

But work was my “finance committee.” Not my “life committee.”

Work fed my life. It didn’t feed me.

My experience is not unusual.

When I suffered a head injury, I could have given up and never worked again.

But that isn’t who I am. I didn’t want to walk away from life. Wasn’t ready to leave un-given all the gifts I’ve received throughout my life.

I had medicine to give and wanted to give it. (You do, too. We all do.)

So I started consciously listening to what my heart wanted. And paid careful attention to the answers.

I practiced living in alignment with my own intuition. Consistently. About “big things” and “small things.’

The more I did this, the easier life got. Helpful people and wonderful opportunities kept “presenting” themselves to me.

So I kept saying YES. YES. YES.

Because that’s what my heart told me to do. That’s how I came to be “working” in Hawaii.

IN THIS MOMENT, I invite you to bring your awareness to YOUR HEART.

What is it telling you?

Are you listening?

The journey to the life you long for starts right there. Inside your own heart.

Are you ready to say YES?

I hope so. The world needs your medicine.

Aloha.  Mahalo


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