LOTUS Wisdom, A Path to the Present.

Dear One,

I am so honored that you chose to explore how to UNLOCK THE WISDOM OF YOUR HEART using the LOTUS™ Wisdom practice. I hope that this powerful and simple practice serves you well. Don’t forget that you can download your very own LOTUS Wisdom meditation HERE and let me guide you through the process. This can be particularly helpful if you are new to this kind of practice.

Have you tried LOTUS Wisdom yet? If not, perhaps today is the day you give this gift to yourself. If so, what are you noticing? I would love to hear how it’s going? Please share your experience below.

Before you keep reading, pause for a minute and bring yourself into this moment. Let the rest of life go for a few breaths. Be. Here. Now.

Inhale. Exhale. Feel yourself IN THIS MOMENT. Ahhhhh. Welcome home.

Like conscious breathing, LOTUS Wisdom is a kind of mindfulness practice.

“What is mindfulness?” you ask?

Well, there are probably as many definitions of mindfulness as there are people who practice it.

For some, mindfulness is a meditation practice they do on a cushion with their legs crossed, often at the crack of dawn. (I’ve never been very good at doing anything at the crack of dawn lol)

For me, mindfulness is a way of life, something I PRACTICE all day, every day. (NOTE that I said “practice.” That means sometimes I’m successful, others time, not so much).

Think of it this way…

We can only breathe for the moment we are in. In the same way, we can only be fully present in the moment we are in. So I practice being fully present to my own experience wherever I am. LOTUS Wisdom helps me do that.

I call this Present Moment Living. It is my mindfulness practice.

Present Moment Living is not a way of DOING. It’s a way of BEING.


With deep love and faith in YOU!


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