Are you breathing?

Are you breathing? It’s actually a serious question. Breathing involves both inhale and exhale. Living life involves receiving and giving. Taking in and releasing. Breathing in and breathing out. For so many of us though, it feels like we forget to exhale. We forget to let things go that no longer serve us – like the stale oxygen we release when we exhale. Nature abhors a vacuum. So if you are seeking something new and different in your life, I invite you to ask yourself : “What no longer serves me that I am ready to exhale? What am I ready to release?” Allow yourself to feel into this. What is weighing you down? Imagine life without it and see if you feel lighter. Maybe what’s weighing you down is clutter (my personal bugaboo right now) or limiting beliefs that you’ve been carrying since childhood. Maybe it’s a project that’s no longer in alignment with who you are or the people you serve. Maybe it’s a relationship that has reached its natural end point. Whatever it is that no longer serves you, let it go. Exhale. Then, inhale and see what happens. Breathing is good....

Activate Your Own Intentions

How many times have we all heard that our intentions matter? Too many to count, right? If you’re anything like me, there is often a big gulf between what I know intellectually and how I live my life. Bringing these two together is hard work. It requires me to discern, articulate, remember AND ACT on what I want.  PHEW.  The entire process can be overwhelming and I either give up or “forget” to take the action I know is necessary.  Either way, chances are high that I will beat myself up – again – for not following through.  UGH.   Get me off this treadmill!   That’s why I love Patti Digh’s little book “Four Word Self Help, Simple Wisdom for Complex Lives” It’s an easy and quick read with wonderful artwork and fabulous action-oriented reminders like “Give Up Toxic People,” “Ask Why Not How,” and “Live in Present Tense.”  Sweet, right?   Since being introduced to this practice by my first art teacher, Karen Brooks, I have often used it to help me remember how I want to live my life. Seriously. I have a large portion of wall space in my studio devoted to my personal four word self-help list. It’s one of the easiest and most effective ways I’ve found to create new perspectives and build new habits. And, it’s FUN! This practice is particularly helpful because the result is custom-made for ME – or for YOU when it’s your turn . My dreams. My desires. My words. The fact that I stretch my creative muscles as I find new ways to express my thoughts is...

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