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She Hears the Cries of the World

A Messsage from the Black Madonna



I am crying

as the world is crying.

I am loving

That is my gift.


I hold you all

In my heart.

The more the world cries

The brighter I become,

shedding light on all the dark spaces.


I understand dark spaces

It is who I am

Who we are

And there is deep wisdom

In the dark places.


Look. There.

That shadow holds within it

the space for the light.

That shadow shows the light.

Do you understand?


We need not fear the dark places.

We must embrace them,

just as we do the tears

shed by those who cry.

We do not deny the pain that brings the tears

And so we cannot, we must not

Deny the dark that illumines the light.


I was here before the world began.

I will be here always and forever.

Know me.

Know my wisdom and my depths.

And know the light I hold for the world

And for you.


Beauty in the darkness

Color in the night

I will hold your heartaches

I will bring the light.


Look and see me now,

There so deep within

Emerging from the darkness

Let us now begin.


–Tina Greene

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