When you get, give. When you learn, teach.

--Maya Angelou

I am a woman who has always believed in the web that connects all life and the innate worthiness of every living being. 

This belief has helped me find the good – the lessons  – in the many challenges that life has brought my way. It has helped me learn how to live a life that embodies Maya Angelou’s timeless wisdom. You can learn more about my story in the video here from my work at the Inner Mean Girl Reform School.

A lifelong spiritual seeker who is always ready with a hug, a smile or a well-timed word of encouragement, I understand the courage it takes to live what Brené Brown calls a wholehearted life – to be vulnerable, compassionate and connected to  Self, to Source and to others. I am committed to helping you remember that regardless of what you do, you are always enough just as you are right here and right now.  If you are breathing, you are worthy.  If you are here, you belong.  You matter. Period.  No exceptions.


I know from deep personal experience that it is much easier to say these words than it is to live them.  Living them calls us to heal from the inside out – to restore our sense of wholeness and well-being – so that we can move beyond negative self-talk, judgment and shame to discover our own worth, our own truth and our own wisdom.   I have traveled this path many times as I’ve grown through- and beyond – a boatload of familial expectations, multiple personal traumas and a head injury sustained in 2011 that turned my life inside out and upside down.





As a highly respected health care business lawyer with a top drawer academic pedigree (Yale and USF Law School), I was known for my ability to simplify complex concepts, reframe challenging issues and develop creative solutions to seemingly intractable problems. After practicing law for more than 25 years, I now combine these skills with those I developed as a licensed spiritual coach in service to my clients.


Using my life experience as my teacher, I have developed a suite of practical talks, tools, and tricks to support a regular practice of mindfulness and present moment living – what I call “Living in the Glow”.  Through my intentional creativity classes and personal coaching, my inspirational talks, blogs and heartfelt songs, my intention is to help all of us remember the truth of who we are and the power of our own choices.



Through practicing my Lotus Wisdom approach, I know that each of us can accept the past, be truly present in the moment and consciously choose our future.  In this way, regardless of our “limitations”,  each of us can create the life we’ve always wanted.


With deep appreciation,



“Tina is a woman of great wisdom who is always willing to share what she has learned.”

–Renee Campbell Garner, M.S., CCC-SLP


“Tina’s ability to hold space, to hold the container, is exquisite. She is so patient and she sticks with us. I could not do this without her.”

–B.W. Rose, LCSW


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