When you find the voice that is uniquely yours,
you find your own wisdom. 
That wisdom can inspire and
guide you to a new way of living.



An intimate, experiential retreat where you can dive deep into the beauty and wisdom of your own heart

A small group of heart-centered sisters to journey and play with

Time and space to experience and explore the sound of your own voice, the depth of your own wisdom


Doesn’t that sound yummy?

An entire weekend devoted to what really matters

Time just for YOU


Maybe you’re already connected to your heart
and simply need to re-charge.
Maybe you’re new to the journey of the heart.

Wherever you are on your life path,
you’re welcome here.

If you have been silently longing to

connect deeply with your intuition
strengthen your inner compass,
learn practical tools for accessing your own wisdom,


Embrace Your Voice is a retreat for women who
want to (re)claim their power.

Women who are tired of waiting for their turn.
Tired of feeling like they’re being taken for granted
Tired of settling for just barely enough
(love, attention, respect…)

You deserve better.

Let that sink in.



It’s time for you to claim what is yours.
Your place in the circle of life.
Your right to be seen and heard.
Your own power.

Are you ready?
Can you feel the YES bubbling up?


Embrace Your Voice is for you if you are ready to:




  • Follow YOUR OWN PATH




Isn’t it time to put YOU closer to the top of your “to do list”?
To give yourself the same love and attention that you so freely give to others?
To put that oxygen mask on yourself first?

There was a time when you felt powerful
A time when you had more faith in yourself.
A time when you had more hope.

A time before…..

Before you started believing you aren’t enough.
Before the fear and doubt set in.

Embrace Your Voice

is a chance to reclaim
the power you were born with.

When you CHOOSE TO LISTEN to your own heart
CHOOSE TO FOLLOW your own compass
You begin reclaiming your power and living your own life.


To get unstuck
To release what no longer serves
So there is room for all you long to receive

It’s time to
Embrace your own voice
Embody your own wisdom



Your registration includes:



  • To breathe and explore your voice and your wisdom.

  • To experience the benefits of sound healing by a certified healer.

INTENTIONAL CREATIVITY™ projects to alchemize the old stories and transform

  • Wounds into Wisdom,

  • Fear into Faith

  • Shame into MORE THAN ENOUGH

    (No artistic experience needed)

A SACRED TOOLBOX of Practical Techniques so you can

  • Move beyond what keeps you stuck

  • Release the inner voices that no longer serve you

  • Connect with the wisdom of your heart

  • Speak your truth with confidence and clarity

Time for the PLAY AND MAGIC that happens when women gather


CATERED DINNERS on Friday and Saturday


All of this for just $597 $497!

There is also a payment plan available of 2 monthly payments of $248.50. 


(For the 2 payment option, click here)
*All registrations are final, though you may transfer your place to someone else if something comes up.
(Please note that the Studio is home to two sweet kitties who will likely be hiding most of the time we are together.
If you are allergic to cats, please only say “yes” if you can manage your allergy.)

The Divine Details:

Embrace Your Voice Retreat

September 21-23, 2018
Divine Flame Studios
Sacramento, Ca 95864

This life is not a dress rehearsal.

You deserve to live the life you came here to live.


Let's do this. Now. Together.

About working with Tina:


When Tina came into my life, I was feeling powerless, frustrated, manipulated and defeated. The moment she stepped into my life there was a shift… She helped me gain perspective in relationships that were out of balance. I am able to see my self-worth and set healthy boundaries. I learned I have a voice that deserves to be heard. I feel authentic, empowered, loving and loved. The gifts of working with Tina are beyond measure and always beyond expectation.”

~ Terri Thacker


“If you have the opportunity to work with Tina, take it in both hands. She is an exquisite mirror reflecting back where I have come from and where I am going. Her warmth helps me feel safe even at my most vulnerable. She will help you discover your truth and find your courage to speak it.

~ Aubrey Harmon

“Tina facilitated the most beautiful, deep, powerful, heart opening  spiritual exploration of the True Me that I’ve had in a long time. I learned new tools that allowed me to really hear my innermost held desires and to know that not only is it possible for me to express fully, it is my true birthright –  to truly know and love the gift that I AM – to myself and to the world. Tina articulates so beautifully that which flows through her from Spirit and she courageously allows the flow as she supports others in their journey to Self.

~ Dr. D. Taylor

Your Guide for the weekend:


Tina Greene’s mission is to help you discover your own voice and unlock the wisdom of your own heart so that you can live the life you long for, the life you came here to live. She is a life coach, inspirational speaker, licensed spiritual practitioner, certified Intentional Creativity® teacher and former nationally-recognized health care business lawyer.

Beginning at an early age, Tina lived through significant life challenges, including sibling incest, multiple rapes, chronic health challenges and a unhealthy marriage that she finally left in 1994. In 2011, she experienced a life-changing head injury and completely re-imagined how to live her life.

Instead of being a victim, Tina has consistently chosen to use life as a learning lab for her personal and spiritual growth, always guided by the compass of her own heart. These choices helped her become the joy-filled, hope-inspiring, open-hearted woman she is today.

Whatever your story or wherever you are on your path, Tina guides you to trust your own wisdom so that you can remember these essential truths: If you’re breathing, you’re worthy. If you’re here, you belong. Your presence matters.


There’s a voice inside of you longing to be heard.

Are you ready to listen?


And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

–Anais Nin

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