Cracking the Code of Resistance

Release Resistance


Hello Magical Beings,

Popping into your inbox to share a bit about why I haven’t been popping into your inbox much at all of late. lol

I’ve been lost in the land of RESISTANCE. The personal kind, not the political kind, though there is that too.

You know what I’m talking about, right? The kind of resistance where you WANT to do something, you KNOW that doing it feeds your soul and yet….something blocks your way.

That’s where I’ve been. And the longer I’ve been here, the greater the imperative has become to “figure it out.” To understand ‘WHY.”

My dreams and intentions have been locked in a steel safe and all my energy has been sucked up trying to crack the code. 

It’s not that I haven’t been busy. I launched a new offering called Conscious Contracts, which combines my heart-centered approach to business, and my 25+ years experience as a business lawyer. My goal is to support conscious business owners who want their business processes and contracts to reflect their values. (Read more about that here).

I’ve been sharing my wisdom in regular Sunday talks at new thought spiritual centers and teaching Intentional Creativity Workshops designed to catalyze personal transformation.

And I continue to be in awe of my private coaching clients who are blossoming into the women they’ve always longed to be, right in front of my eyes. (I have a few openings right now so contact me here if you’d like a free LOTUS session to explore whether I can support your unfolding.)

But here’s the thing. I haven’t been telling YOU about all this. YOU, the very people who don’t just SAY you are interested in what I have to offer but have actually taken ACTION to show you do. YOU, the people in my community who presumably are somewhat interested in what I am up to. I haven’t been talking with you.

So what the heck is THAT all about?

This question has become a thorn in my heart.

Here’s the truth that hit me this morning. I’ve been so caught up in trying to crack the code of my own resistance that I lost touch with the very reason why I started doing this work in the first place… be of service to the divine flame that burns within each and every one of us. That spark that makes each of us unique.

I completely forgot to remember who I am and why I do what I do. Sound familiar?

So what shifted? What happened to bring me to your inbox today?

Honestly, the answer is I got lucky – by getting conscious. Today, instead of doing what I always I do, I switched it up. I didn’t know why and I didn’t stop to even ask.

I simply followed the voice inside that said – DO THIS NOW.

And suddenly, like magic, I was sitting at my desk, coffee in hand, writing.  To you.

I am a creature of habit. Doing certain things the same way each day frees me up to fully explore and create what is calling me. Except when it doesn’t.

Then it hit me. My habits had moved from being a container for my free roaming spirit to a jail that was keeping me stuck.

With that realization, I cracked the code. I figured out how to move beyond RESISTANCE.

It was time to EMBRACE what I love. Embrace what’s inside the safe instead of trying to crack the code that was supposedly keeping me from it.

What a relief! Just like that, resistance fell away and all I could see is what I love – being in service.

And then, once again, I remembered that I have already created the very medicine I need right now.

I call it Present Moment Living. The LOTUS mindfulness practice is one tool to help me stay present to this moment. Another one is something I call the ABC’s. Here’s how it works, using my own resistance as an example.

ACCEPT the Past
I accept that I have been in full on resistance.
I accept that resistance has been what is.
I accept that I don’t need to know why.
I accept the fact of my resistance without judgment or blame (GULP!)

BE in the Present
I choose to BE. HERE. NOW.
Here = Open to new ideas and insights
Here = Listening to my own heart
Here = Focusing on what I love

CHOOSE the Future
I choose to create my own life, my own rules, my own expectations
I choose to embrace what makes me happy
I choose to share my experience with others
I choose to do what I can to help heal the world, one heart at a time.

I bless my process and let go of resistance. 
I embrace freedom.

How does it get any better than this?!!!!

With deep love,

P.S. If you’re interested in coaching to help you move beyond resistance, see below.

To book a free LOTUS Wisdom session, please go here.
If you’d like to know more about Conscious Contracts, please go here.
To book a Conscious Contracts consultation, please go here.

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