Inspirational Speaking


I am a dynamic and thoughtful speaker and talented musician who energizes the room, moves with the flow, and helps people find answers and practical solutions to the questions that challenge us all.

There are few things I enjoy as much as watching the light bulb go off in people’s eyes as I share a new way of looking at old issues, practical solutions to everyday challenges or a personal story that gives a hurting person hope that they too can find joy and happiness.

I have been performing and speaking all my life (seriously, I was playing the organ at church when I was 10!) and I love it.  Audiences sense this and respond enthusiastically to both the message and me.

I have spoken and sung to diverse groups of people in equally diverse settings.  Battered women to Boards of Directors.  People living with the consequences of brain traumas to lawyers at national conferences.  University graduate students to churches of committed spiritual seekers.


In every setting, my goal is the same – to speak from my heart about what matters, to share the wisdom gained from my own personal and professional experience, and to provide practical and pragmatic tools to help each person more fully live the life they want to live.


Whatever your goals, I can develop a talk that inspires listeners to move forward in a positive direction.




Speaking Videos


Coming Home  WHAT IF… instead of beating ourselves up when we “sin” – i.e., when we “miss the mark” – or, as it says in the Parable of the Prodigal Son, when we “wake up in a foreign land”…
WHAT IF… we CELEBRATED our waking up, instead of berating ourselves for falling asleep?
The divine will always welcome us with open arms as soon as we turn towards home. Isn’t it time we did the same?



Favorite Speaking Topics

Honor the Slowest Part  All of us are limited in some way in our ability to engage fully in our lives. Some are living with cancer, others with the consequences of a brain injury. Some are living as single parents doing their best to keep food on the table while others are struggling to move beyond the wounds of abuse. What is your slowest part? Rather than fighting against it, let’s explore what life might be like if we lived with it, if we “honored” the slowest part and discovered different ways of seeing its value in our lives.

Coming Home to Yourself  Living life as our best selves is a daily practice. Sometimes we do it well, other times, not so much. In this talk I explorer reframing how we treat ourselves when we realize that we’ve missed the mark or “fallen asleep.” Imagine celebrating your homecoming instead of beating yourself up for leaving in the first place. Full of practical guidance for daily living, this talk is an audience favorite.

Don’t Fence Me In  We know now that the universe is always expanding, always growing. So too are we. In this talk I look at the unique expression each of us is, explore how and why we fence ourselves in, and provide practical ways to reframe and shift those fences so that we can more fully live the life we came here to live.

Why Me? “Why Me?” is a question we all have asked countless times. Often the emotion and tone infusing these words reflects a “victim” mentality– we wring our hands as we ask the age old question why? In this talk I explore reframing our perspective so that instead of being passive complainers we can become active seekers, curious and in wonder about how our experience will play out in our lives.



 Past Speaking Engagements/Experience


CSL Centers for Spiritual Living Guest Speaker

Numerous Appearances 2014-present

Sacramento State Graduate Program for Speech Pathologists

Fall 2014-present

Brain Injury Support Groups

Beyond the Fog, Support Group for People with Post Concussive Syndrome

Sutter Stroke Support Group (stroke survivors, caregivers, & medical professionals) Spring 2015, Spring 2016

Brain Trauma Support Group, Sac Spring 2016

Santa Catalina School Alumni Association

American Health Lawyers

4 Presentations on various topics

Sutter Health Board and Management

Countless Presentations during legal career 1991-2010

Cosmic Cowgirls

Presents workshops and leads monthly calls

If you need an inspirational speaker for any occasion, please contact me!

“Tina is a gift to the world. She speaks from her heart and always has something insightful to say, something I can take with me and continue to ponder and pull apart.  I often wonder if she’s reading my journal, because she always speaks right to where I am.”

–Karen Vanderford, RSCP, CSL Davis.


“If you are fortunate enough to hear Tina Greene speak, you are in for a treat. Drawing upon her own life story, she guides her audiences on a journey into our very souls. At once intuitive and incisive, Tina passionately tailors her talks to just what it is we need to hear, that we may walk away with changed minds and hearts, enlightened and inspired. She calls it “Tina Greene Wisdom”; I call it Tina Greene Wonderful.”

–Sue Wison, Emmy Award Winning Producer, Wilco Productions.

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